Press Release - Daboyway

Thailand is now one of the biggest Asia markets for Hip Hop music and a regular destination for international big-guns carving fresh directions for the genre. This has been accelerated in no small part by cutting-edge venues like Sugar Club Phuket, together with sister venue, Sugar Club Bangkok, representing since 2015.

On the other side of the equation come the local artists who bridge the gap between East and West, bringing relevance to the crowds via language & culture, and building a solid following un-matched by Western super-stars.

One of Thailand’s biggest success stories, Daboyway, began his story deep in the prolific Hip Hop seeding grounds of New York City, before travelling to Bangkok in 1997. It didn’t take long for his potential to gather interest, and together with new friends Khanngoen “Khan” Nuanual and Nay Myo “Day” Thant, Thai rap group Thaitanium was born.

After releasing their debut album, AA, in 2000, stellar success persuaded Daboyway to make the move to Thailand for good. “2006 is when we really popped off. Our third album was a commercial success (overseas) and we were just touring like crazy so I officially moved to Thailand in 2009”.

But the change of location didn’t prove an obstacle to working with Stateside heavyweights, the group has gone on to produce collabs with the likes of Snoop Dogg, M.O.P., Nipsey Hussle, and Y.G.!

On May 22nd, Daboyway represents the biggest Hip Hop talent that Thailand has given to the world! Come experience Panthera Group’s world-class entertainment at Phuket’s premier Hip Hop venue, Sugar Club Phuket!

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